Why do we exist?

The mission of The West Side Commons is to create opportunities for youth and their families to discover the power of community and personal resilience .

What do we envision?

The Commons promotes community and offers services in a safe space creating opportunities for self-discovery, cross-cultural experiences, peer:peer engagement and inter-generational support. At The Commons, we understand that together, a community can uplift itself and create lasting impact.

Opportunities for individual and family counseling are a regular part of daily activities across sites at The Commons.

The Commons is open Monday-Saturday, 8 AM- 9 PM for youth and families. By offering expanded learning opportunities in a safe space beyond the classroom and home, we are bridging the opportunity gap on the Upper West Side.

By charging our community with the task of mentoring younger members, we foster a desire to lead. This peer:peer education model builds positive relationships and connects us all to a larger sense of community.

Our work and culture operates according to values of:



We believe we all have something to contribute. All of our programs work towards inclusion, making sure that every member of the community we serve feels valued and is given an opportunity to contribute.

img_4045_6857026390_oWe know that the best results are achieved with time and collaboration; it is only with patience and understanding that we are able to help positively affect our community. All of our programs apply this philosophy, helping to promote the well being of our community.

img_0878_1032246678_oPeople are our most important resource. As such, we believe in fostering and incorporating new voices and ideas, giving all of us the platform to develop new skills and achieve success.

kelley-williams-sbnc-executive-director_5700081882_oWe advocate on behalf of those impacted by social injustice. We believe that the strength of a network of people focused on the betterment of the community can affect social change.